"Thank god I found The Under 20 Workout. 3 months in and I'm in the best shape of my life. Best part... It's 20 minutes!"


*As with any fitness program, your results may vary based not only on adherence to the program but also on dieting habits or other personal factors.


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Meet Justin O'Connor Your
Personal Trainer
"I've never gotten results like this without being in pain. I love it."

Hey I'm Justin, creator of this 20 minute fat burning system.

I created this based on techniques I learned as a two sport NCAA Division 1 athlete. No doubt you've heard that 20 minutes is the exact amount of time (not more or less) that you should be working out. I've known this for years but it was only recentlythat the rest of the world caught on.

Before The Under 20 Workout no one would believe me that a high intensity workout for JUST 20 MINUTES would get you better results than hours on a treadmill and lifting weights. That's right, 20 lightning fast minutes without any equipment will transform your body faster than any other type of training…

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FACT: It takes 7 days to know if a workout is right for you.

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What you get
Over 80 workouts that get harder as you get stronger
3 brand new workouts added every month
Instant access to our 6 week fat blaster challenge
instant access to our advanced 6 week fat blaster challenge
12 free 5-minute metabolsm boosting workouts
Hundreds of Exercises You've Never Seen Before Like:
"Tommy Lees"
"Zombie Swims"
"Volleyball Spikes"
"Ski Jumps" and
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4 Incredible Bonuses
Home fitness challenge workout 1

Bonus Gift #1:

6 Week Challenge (Foundation)

Build an incredible fitness foundation with the U20 6 Week Challenge. It's 6 days of high intensity workouts for 6 weeks. Take on the challenge and take your body to a whole new level.

Home workout challenge 2

Bonus Gift #2:

6 Week Challenge (Advanced)

Once you've built your foundation, it's time to take it up a notch Get unrestricted access to the advanced 6 Week Challenge. With 6 weeks of brand new fat melting workouts included, you'll look & feel like a new person by the end.

Short at home workouts for women and men gift 3

Bonus Gift #3:

Off Day Workouts

Supercharge your metabolsim in just 5 mintues. These short workouts are designed to boost metabolism for optimal fat burning on your off day.

Fitness and nutrition support gift 4

Bonus Gift #4:

Unlimited Email Support

Unsure of how to get the most benefit out of the workout? Want to speak to a fitness expert that can help you out? Get unlimited email support to get any of your questions answered by a fitness professional.

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Rebel fitness nutrition guide

Nutrition Guide

Everything you need to know about Fat Burning With Speed in 7 pages fantastic pages!

Workout calendar

One calendar for your first months and one for every month after that!

The #1 thing you need is YOU & a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or cell phone. Just grab a small towel or t-shirt, login and press play. There is absolutely no other equipment needed. You’ll see why when you start. Every single workout can be done in a small area. You only need to be able to take one step in every direction. Justin does every workout with you so there is no confusion ever.
Every workout is Under 20 Minutes (hence the name Under 20). You only need to do a workout 3 days a week to get amazing results. That’s less than 1 hour per week. I know that’s hard to believe but you’ll see when you start. In addition, you get dozens of “Off Day Workouts” that range from 4 to 8 minutes. These are designed to ignite your metabolism for maximum fat burning on the days you’re not doing a 20 minute workout but they’re completely optional.
No. The U20 System is designed for any age and any fitness level. You will get stronger and build endurance very quickly - every workout level gets builds in intensity as you get stronger. This is the key to success. Your mind and body must be challenged or you will get bored and stop seeing results. We constantly add more workouts every month to keep you excited all the way.

No. After your 7 day trial is up you can then purchase one of our membership levels: month to month, 3 months or 6 months - it’s up to you & there’s no commitment, cancel anytime without annoying contracts.

See more on our pricing page.

There are many reasons. Justin discovered that the key to both fast and long term results is moving your muscles at top speed. It’s the same reason that sprinters, boxers and gymnasts have the best bodies in the world. You will be challenged to your limits every workout and most importantly, the system is a blast. Justin believes that your workout must be fun or you’ll eventually quit and be no better off than when you started. You’ll laugh while you’re sweating your butt off...there’s nothing better for you body and soul than that!

This is the reason we have members in over 45 countries on 6 of 7 continents. (If you know any of the 800 people who live in Antarctica let me know. We just need one :D)

The BATS Principle is training your Body At Top Speed. The most important fitness discovery in history is training your muscles at top speed. Recent studies around the world at places like the American College of Sports Medicine, University of Virginia, New York Time, and the American Heart Association have concluded that speed training has an incredible effect on your metabolism AND those who train for 20 minutes at high speed release 530% more Human

I created the $1 trial so that anyone could try The U20 System for 7 days. I knew how amazing this workout and that the only barrier was getting you to try it.

What happened next BLEW MY MIND! Our membership went through the roof because every single person who joins The Under 20 Workout LOVES it. Why? Because they tested it for a week before they joined. Those who are looking for something else don’t join. We call it The Zero Regret Trial.