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  • THE BATS PRINCIPLE - Discover the secret technique that will burn fat and supercharge your metabolism for 48 HOURS AFTER YOUR WORKOUT.
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100% Access for 1 Week

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Body Weight Workouts are the most natural and safest way to workout. Discover how to lose arm fat and get a toned stomach in less than just 20 minutes. You can literally take The Under 20 Workout anywhere. We’ve had memebers do it in a HOTEL BATHROOM. Wake up, get in a good shoulder workout for men and women alike then the rest of the day is yours: Named Best Morning Workout. Body Weight Workouts you can do on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and even your TV if that’s the way you roll!

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Connect with Justin and other members in our private Facebook page. Get quick body weight workouts, tips on how to lose arm fat, great recipes and back workouts for men and women. It’s a great place to connect with friends and members on our private VIP Facebook page. Here’s what they are saying: In one year, Alyssa lost 45 pounds and was able to ski with her friends again. Jessica feels power and energy all day long and can take on the world. Michelle gets butt compliments. body weight workouts feedback


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