About the Under 20 Workout

High energy celebrity trainer and creator of the U20 System, Justin O’Connor revolutionized the fitness world by designing the first 20 Minute Workout System built to transform your body with safe, fast full body workouts in under 1 hour a week.

How is that possible? By using the BATS Principle of training your Body At Top Speed instead of focusing on long cardio or heavy weight lifting The U20 System is 20 minutes of interval speed training scientifically proven to get faster and more sustained results.

Justin played hockey for The Detroit Jr. Red Wings and is former NCAA Division 1 athlete in 2 sports. His lifelong love of fitness and sports are the core of each and every high energy workout designed to burn fat 8x faster than long cardio sessions.

The U20 system was the first 20 minute workout system in the world. EVERYONE in the fitness industry told him, “Dude, 20 minutes is not enough.” Every gym trainer belittled him and feared this system because it is a referendum on the 1 hour sessions that trainers were changing up to $75 for.

But in 2012, the science came out to back BATS training. The New York Times, McMasters University, University of Virginia and The American College of Sports Medicine all concluded that 20 minute speed workout sessions returned better results than long cardio or weight lifting by building the leaner FAST TWITCH AND SUPER FAST TWITCH MUSCLES of the body. These muscles build faster and burn fat and calories at a much higher rate.

That’s when The U20 System went from members in just 2 countries (U.S. and Canada) TO OVER 45 COUNTRIES IN JUST ONE YEAR!

Justin originally created the U20 System because he wanted a workout that would provide faster, safer fat burning and lean muscle building results for people who have a tight schedule.

He also knew he had to address the boredom and fatigue factor he experienced with other programs. So instead of sending you 8 DVDs of the same workouts he created a system that builds with you as you get stronger. You never have to do the same workout twice and you’ll never get bored. Every workout is super fun and never over 20 minutes.

There are currently over 80 workouts and new workouts are added each month. This includes The 6 Week Fat Blaster Challenge and The Advanced 6 Week Challenge and a dozen off day workouts which are each under 5 minutes long.

Take The U20 System into your home or take it anywhere in the world. Your hotel room in Paris, poolside in Bali or your very own living room.