Youth Hormone… Does it exist? Can it reverse aging? Do you have access to it?

At age 25 your body produces less and less youth hormone and by 35 it’s nearly dormant in most people. This causes you to lose your sex drive (men and women), gain weight and look old.

But new research shows an amazing new way to turn your FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH HORMONE switch to “ON.”

The Key Ingredient for Fat Burning, Lean Muscle and Looking Younger – Youth Hormone

Finally, experts are coming around to the facts about speed training. Perhaps the most important aspect of fitness is fast and super-fast muscle fiber development.

Speed training or training your Body At Top Speed (BATS) is scientifically proven to engage the pituitary gland causing it to release HGH (Human Growth Hormone) throughout your body.

HGH is known as the youth hormone because of it’s ability to reverse aging and burn fat naturally. But the key question is how to get your body to release this age reversing hormone naturally.

What’s the secret?… Speed.

No, not the drug speed… Actually sprinting or moving your muscles at sprint speed. It unlocks the pituitary gland and forces your body to build muscle and burn fat.

Why?… For survival.

Since the beginning of time humans have survived by moving at top speed to chase down food or run from being eaten by predators. When you train at top speed your body builds these magical muscles called fast twitch and super fast twitch muscles. In addition, HGH targets and destroys fat in order to raise the performance of your body. It’s how we’re created.

Your body realizes that excess and unwanted fat is dangerous to your survival so it targets it and destroys it.

That’s why speed training is now coming to the forefront as the best way to train your body for fat loss.

In the article “How To Sprint Your Way To a 6-Pack” Katie Chasey explains:
“Speed training does two great things for fat and abs. First, high-intensity sprint work increases the rate of metabolism and, second, it makes it last. In other words, calories continue burning long after a sprint session is completed. Fat is the extra layer we all hate most that hides muscle and that we would love to show off the most. Sprinting burns it off while simultaneously building up and toning the muscle underneath. It’s your perfect scenario.”

This type of training will release HGH and burn that extra layer of fat. That extra fat is what hides our muscles and causes our bodies to look soft and puffy.

But to combat that soft look, you simply need to train with BATS. Find a workout that forces you to move your muscles at top speed for 20 minutes. Yes, a 20 minute workout it all you need.

Why? Because…


We now know, from more recent research, that you have three muscle fiber types with three energy systems that fit together. The three different types of muscle fibers are:

  1. Slow (red muscle, which contains more oxygen)

  2. Fast (white muscle)

  3. Super-fast (white muscle)

Phil Campbell author of “Ready, Set, Go” explains super fast twitch muscles:

“… [T]he blood supply is going to the red muscle. The white muscle really doesn’t get a lot of blood because it doesn’t need a lot of blood. It gets its energy from the stored up energy in your body. That’s six to eight seconds worth of stored up energy and through the oxygen you breathe for 30 seconds or less.

The white fiber essentially has two types of fiber — what the researchers call 2A and 2B — but it’s easier to call it fast twitch and super-fast fiber.

The fast twitch fiber moves about five times faster than the slow, but about 30 percent of your muscle fiber, the super-fast fiber, move 10 times faster than the slow.

Working your super-fast fiber forces your heart to work anaerobically. So you get a great comprehensive heart muscle workout when you do that.”

That’s fascinating stuff.

If you’re not working your fast twitch and super fast twitch muscle fibers then you’re not going to be burning excess fat fast enough to make a difference in how you look.

99% of exercisers are doing it wrong. Think about the bodies of athletes for a moment.

Why do sprinters, boxers, wide receivers have such dynamic physiques?

And to the contrary, why do those who do long cardio, marathons and slow twitch training look old, tired and worn out?

Sprinter v marathoner youth hormone

This is why you may not be seeing results with your workouts even though you spend an hour on the treadmill a few times a week – you’re basically denying the natural physiology of your body by not working the other half of your muscle fibers; your fast-twitch muscles.

In addition, about half your body’s muscle fiber are fast twitch and if you don’t train them then these muscles will begin to atrophy. This is horrible for your physical health and fitness.


A new study says it all. This is really exciting information.

“When you work your fast twitch muscle fibers at top speed your body releases exercise induced growth hormones (HGH). This mimics taking injections of growth hormones.

You amazingly get a 530% increase in hormone release.

AND it actually stays in your body for hours after your workout. The best part is that it actually destroys fat like a heat seeking missile.

Fast twitch and super fast twitch muscle works like a missile and attacks fat. INCREDIBLE.

This is the exact reason I started training with a fast twitch workout system. It targets every muscle of the body and trains each of them AT TOP SPEED.

I started getting results immediately. They blew my mind.

I was told it was impossible to notice a difference within a week. I was told this by a “fitness trainer” at the gym.

This guy was completely wrong! He got his fitness certificate by learning an outdated way of thinking that was created in the 1980’s. Don’t listen to these people.

I started letting people use my system. I just told them I’d train them for 1 week and I wanted to know what they thought.

The first email I got from just about every one of them was this…

“Justin, I’m feeling warmer and lighter all day and night after your workouts. Is that BATS? Is this normal?”

Yes. That’s 100% normal. The heat you feel for up to 48 hours after my workout is body heat. Every calorie you burn releases heat. In essence, these people are feeling The BATS effect.

If you are working out with speed then you are training fast twitch and super fast twitch muscle fibers then you know exactly what I mean. The best part… It only takes 20 minutes. Not a second longer.

Research on the superior benefits of this type of exercise has forced the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine to completely change their exercise guidelines.

They are calling for 20 minutes of intense training and no more. Sprint training will do wonders for your body and your health. It’s how the human body is made. We are sprint creatures. We were designed to chase our food or run from our predators in bursts not for long distances.

Most fitness research scientists now believe that long, slow cardio simply doesn’t work because it’s not training fast twitch and super fast twitch muscle fibers.

That’s great news for you.

Trade in your long, boring cardio workouts for a dynamic lightning fast 20 minute workout system.


As a child you always moved your body at top speed. Sprinting around the playground, swinging on the monkey bars and chasing your friends. When did we stop doing this kind of exercise?

Why, all of the sudden, did we force ourselves into a gym pushing around weights unnaturally and destroying our joints on treadmills like lab rats?

The truth is…

It was the jogging fad of the 1970’s and the aerobics fad of the 1980’s that ruined it.

They focused on calorie burning in long, slow workouts that totally disregarded the use of fast twitch and super fast twitch muscles.

They also never realized that it was possible for your body to release “youth hormones” if you trained properly.


As you reach your 30s, your levels of HGH begin to drop off quite dramatically, which triggers somatopause. This is part of what drives your aging process. You start putting on body fat and losing muscle; you become more fatigued, and the “middle age spread” sets in.

It has been my experience that nearly everyone over 30 has dramatically abnormally low levels of this important hormone because they begin leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles and training improperly.

Children and most animals in the wild do not run marathons or lift weights, they move at high speeds for very short periods of time and then rest. This is natural and what optimizes the production of growth hormone.

The higher your levels of growth hormone, the healthier and stronger you’re going to be. And the longer you can keep your body producing higher levels of HGH, the longer you will experience robust health and strength.

I totally agree with Phil Campbell when he says:

“Really, if you think about it, when you’re looking at exercise-induced growth hormone it’s like you’re listening to your body tell you how, as a human being, you should exercise. Because when you do it this way, your body releases this huge amount of growth hormone that does so many things synergistically for you for hours after you work out.”

So there you have it… Train fast. Train with speed. Watch your body transform into a younger looking, younger feeling you.

This is how we get results at The Under 20 Workout. You should be training this way.

If you’d like to see the results for yourself with no obligations, I’m offering a 1 Week Trial to BATS training here: TRY BATS TRAINING FOR 1 WEEK

Have a fit and energetic day!

Fitter. Firmer. Faster.


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