It was the last day of April 2012 and I was meeting Christy for lunch at Figaro Cafe in Los Angeles. We sat outside and chatted, enjoying the incredible LA heat. When I got up to go to the bathroom she put her arm out and stopped me.

“Whoa, what the hell are you doing?”


I kind of knew what she meant but I played dumb at first and fished for a compliment. “Your whole body is different. Damn. What the hell are you doing?” I smiled all the way to the bathroom.

At that point my confidence was sky high because earlier that day I ran into my friend Jessica who said the exact same thing.

When I got back from the bathroom, Christy asked me once again how did I look so much better than the last time she saw me. I explained that I had created this new workout that I’d been doing in my apartment and it was based on putting your body at top speed and that I derived it from original, never before seen exercises that I had created myself.

I told her it took just 20 minutes, 3 times per week.

Just 20 Minutes, 3 Times Per Week? Impossible!

“TWENTY MINUTES! I’m in. Train me. If it works I’ll tell everyone I know” she said. Jessica had said something similar earlier that day. I had two clients!

The next Monday, Jessica and Christy were in workout clothes and standing in front of my apartment. I walked out the front door with a piece of paper and a stopwatch. We were ready to rock!

20 minutes later they were exhausted and laying at my feet attempting to stretch. Jessica jumped up (slowly) “I’m going to tell everyone!… But wait; what’s it called?”

I thought for a minute and then I said… “I don’t know. I like to make sure that it is always under 20 minutes. Let’s call it The Under 20 Workout.”

That was it!

Justin before after couch

The Most Incredible Year Of My Life

Within days, word had spread and all of our other friends were asking me when they could join. A week later there were 5. Christy, Jessica, Toby, Danielle and Blake. Within a month there were 15, then 20 and so on.

I had to move us to Barnsdall Park. It got so big that I was worried the park would want to kick us out for taking up so much space. Every time the security guard walked by I tried not to make eye contact.

The Under 20 Workout was exploding and people were loving it. My life took on a whole new purpose. I was finally doing what I wanted all my life. I was helping people feel better about themselves.

By mid summer, we were rocking. I was teaching 3 times a day and had private lessons with celebrities. I couldn’t believe the response.

Then It Happened…

My friend Mike in Denver, my brother in North Carolina and one of the celebrities that I taught had a sister in Atlanta and they all contacted me, “Can you make a video of your workout and send it to me?” So then I had Christy film a workout in her apartment. I sent them off…

Within an hour Mike called. “Holy crap, that was amazing! I’m pumped. My wedding is in June, you have to start filming these so I can be a hot groom. P.S. you should send them out to everyone you know.”

My brother called the next morning. Same thing. Katie emailed me right after that.

“Justin, I think this could be really big for you!”

We went social…then we went viral. All thanks to the power of social media

It’s exactly 1 year since the day when I walked out with a stopwatch and 15 exercises scribbled on a piece of paper. Now we are changing the world… Literally, THE WORLD.

Thanks to the incredible word of mouth from our members, The Under 20 Workout now has members on 6 CONTINENTS. The only one we haven’t conquered is Antarctica. (Please if you know any of the 4000 people who live on that continent let them know about our workout. They can do it in snowshoes.) We’ve been so fortunate to be able to use platforms such as Facebook to help share this workout with the world. We want to continue getting the word out there and help as many people as possible.

Our goal is to get everyone who wants to workout a chance to try us out. That’s why we have our extremely popular $1 trial. Everyone has a dollar and 60 minutes per week right?

With that dollar you can find out if this is something you too will fall in love with.

Why Does The Under 20 Workout…work?

This is always the next question I get asked after I tell people that the workout only takes 20 minutes, 3 times per week.

Lots of people want to know the ‘secret’ to losing fat / weight. I can boil it down into one sentence. Write this down.

  • The key is to fire up your metabolism and burn fat throughout the day and the night

Oh, sorry, you wanted more bullet points right? Nope, it’s as simple as that. Maybe you’re wondering, ‘how in the hell do I fire up my metabolism?’

It’s simple…we ignite your body’s fat burning ability by moving at top speed while exercising in short, intense bursts. This is what we do better than any other workout.

The speed of the Under 20 Workout forces your body to demand energy from your body to feed your muscles.

Luckily for us,

  • Most energy is stored in our body fat
  • Short, fast and intense workouts cause your body starts to burn the fat to keep the engine going
  • Fast intense workouts are the only way to raise fat burning to an elite level

The best thing about firing up your metabolism is that your body needs to keep burning fat to help it build muscle and recover fully – even while you sleep… It’s called the Afterburn Effect.

Below you’ll find a video that explains everything to do with Afterburn

Check out our Afterburn Effect video here

That’s how we do it at the U20. It’s the exact science that has changed the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

If you can jack up your metabolism and eat the foods that support your workout (never ever starve yourself on a low calorie diet again), then you WILL achieve the body you’ve dreamed of.

Better still, you’ll keep it forever. This is The Under 20 Lifestyle. We promote sustainability over boring burn-out workouts.

Even if your current level of fitness is not where you want it right now, this process will absolutely change your body’s composition. You’ll feel:

    • Lighter
    • Leaner
    • Faster
    • Stronger

You’ll wear the clothes you want to wear worrying about hiding anything.

We’re not going to promise you that you’ll look like a fitness model in 6 – 8 weeks if you’ve been sedentary for years but we will absolutely promise that you’ll see measurable changes day after day, week after week.

If you’re in good shape already, this will take you to a level you may not have thought possible. I’m 42 years old and “in my day” I was one of the top athletes in the country. I played for the Detroit Jr. Red Wings and in college I was one of a handful of athletes who played TWO Division 1 sports. At 42 I can jump higer, do more push ups and run faster than I could back then. It is truly amazing what short burst training can do for you. In fact, we have several former professional athletes working out with us now.

And THE BEST PART IS you’ll have a blast doing it – a workout shouldn’t drive you insane or put you in pain – we believe in getting amazing results and having fun along the way. If you hate your workout, you’ll eventually quit.

Susana before after butt

To make the most of this workout, all you need is a world-class nutrition plan and you’re set.

The great news for you is that we have that EXACT nutrition guide to give you today for FREE + we give you an incredible offer on our yearly membership.

We want you to build an incredible body for 365 days per year EVERY year. Not just for the next 6 – 8 weeks like other workout fads. This is The Under 20 Lifestyle!

That’s why we’re celebrating our one year anniversary by offering you this:

      • ONE YEAR of unlimited, access to our entire program for just $97 (save $250 – that’s 72% off)
      • Premium access to our growing online community of people just like you
      • Ask Justin as many questions as you like, whenever you like

Remember that’s:

      • $7103 less than a $50 per hour personal trainer
      • $380 less than a $40 per month gym membership
      • More fun than both of them put together!

Invest in yourself and your health today(you can thank us later). If you don’t absolutely LOVE our workout then don’t worry, there’s a money back guarantee with no questions asked for 14 days after the date of sign up.

Click Here To Start Your Journey

Let’s make 2013 your greatest year ever. Who’s with me?

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