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For “The Top 5 Fitness Mistakes” here it is:

I wish I had a dollar for every fitness mistake that I’ve made because I listened to doctors, trainers and fitness “experts.” I’d be fat rich… Instead, it just made me fat.

Then, 3 years ago, I stopped listening to these “gurus” and my life (and body) changed.

Have you ever worked your butt off in the gym for months repeating workouts, slaving away on the treadmill and in the end, your body just looks puffy and stressed instead of fit and rejuvenated?

I spent most of my 30’s in the gym and eating pretty well but at the end of that decade I was in the worst shape of my life.

That all changed when I quit listening to all the crap advice in fit magazines, infomercials and Dr. Oz type “guru” shows and  discovered the secrets that only certain athletes know.

Ever wonder why sprinters, boxers, gymnasts and wide receivers have the best bodies in the world?

Their bodies build lean fast twitch muscles that supercharge their metabolism and release age defying hormones. Why? Because they don’t make the fitness mistakes that most of us do.

Today, I will reveal their secrets.

These secrets will save you from years of workouts that will damage your body and best of all the following advice will cut your workout time in half.

How do I know the secrets of elite athletes? I was one. And now at age 44, I’m an elite athlete again.

So, here they are the…

Top 5 Fitness Mistakes You Are Making

Fitness Mistake #5
Repeating the Same Workouts Over and Over

Ever heard of the dreaded fitness phenomenon called The Plateau Effect?

It’s a pretty simple concept. You start a new workout program, you get results for a few weeks but then you hit the wall. Your body adapts to your workout and your results flat-line. That’s a plateau.

Plateaus happen because your body needs to be challenged in order to get max results.

PLUS it’s mentally draining repeat the same few workouts over and over. Mental boredom is one of the most common reasons you quit a workout program.

“If your workout isn’t fun and challenging, you’ll eventually quit and be no better off than when you started.”

Mix up your workouts if you want to continually get amazing results. Having fresh new workouts every week also skyrockets your motivation, keeps you mentally fresh and allows muscle tissue to continually adapt and grow stronger.

My fitness system currently consists of nearly 100 different twenty-minute workouts and I add brand new workouts every month. Why so many? Because my members stay with me for years and they love fresh and challenging workouts.

Imagine going an entire year and never having to repeat a workout. It’s so refreshing.

Fitness Mistake #4
Doing Long And Boring Cardio Workouts

Long sessions of cardio actually cause your body to store fat, not burn it.

Contrary to popular belief, your body is programmed to store fat when doing long, slow cardio like jogging or pounding away on a treadmill for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

According to hundreds of new studies, long, slow cardio puts stress on your body and forces the release of a nasty fat storage hormone called cortisol. [The problem with long cardio]

High cortisol levels destroy healthy muscle and bone, force the storage of fat and slow down the process of cell generation.

High cortisol levels literally increase your need to store body fat while causing you to age faster. That’s scary.

Check out this graph… Notice that exercise actually lowers cortisol but only if you get the right amount of exercise.

Cortisol fitness mistake

Cortisol production is lowest at 20 minutes of fitness. It increases exponentially after that.

Look at the body of a sprinter and compare it to the body of a marathoner… Which one is built for performance?

Have you ever known someone who ran a marathon? A family member or a co-worker?

Does the following sound familiar?

This person trains for up to 10 hours a week for several months, they burn tons of calories but never lose a single pound. In fact, they end up looking older, more tired and often in pain from those long tedious cardio sessions. They have less muscle mass yet they weigh more…

The reason, of course, is that long, slow cardio put excessive amounts of stress on their body causing them to store layers of soft belly fat.

Humans are built for short explosive exercise not long-distance pounding. Sprinters, boxers and gymnasts work out in short burst and rarely, if ever, do long slow cardio.

The good news is that we thrive on short, explosive exercises. This type of training rejuvenates cells and gives you energy all day long.

The secret to destroying that soft belly fat is short, high intensity workouts, which focus on speed and explosion. More on this later…

Fitness Mistake #3
Doing Crunches and Sit-Ups To Get Ripped Abs

Do you want a sexy stomach?

Doing sit-ups and crunches won’t work. They will never get you six-pack abs.


Because sit-ups and crunches do almost nothing to burn fat.

I filmed this quick video that explains why…

As you can see from this video, You don’t need any expensive weights or fancy equipment. You just need explosive, full body exercises grouned in speed.

Fitness Mistake #2
Not Being On a Fitness System That Grows With You

One of the biggest fitness mistakes I see is not thinking past the first couple of weeks.

Any decent fitness program can get you short term results but there are only a few that transform your body week after week after week.

To get long-term results you must join a fitness program that actually gets harder as you get stronger.

If you’ve ever bought a set of fitness DVD’s you already know that after 1 or 2 times through, those DVD’s are no longer challenging. After a few weeks, your mind and body are begging you to stop the monotony.

What’s the solution?

Find a fitness system that grows with you and continue getting amazing results no matter how long you are on the program.

Any fitness system or trainer worth a damn challenges you to get stronger and fitter day by day, week by week, month by month by creating fresh new challenges for you and your body. This also keeps things mentally challenging which drives your desire to keep getting fitter

Fitness Mistake #1 (the biggest of all)
Not Understanding the Hormone HGH

The #1 biggest mistake you are making is… you don’t understand how the body makes HGH.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a total game changer for your body. Until recently, scientists told us that your HGH levels reduce with age and dramatically plunge after age 30 and there is nothing you can do about it.

New research totally disproves this. What’s better is that we now know the secret to get our bodies to naturally produce more HGH.

But first, what’s the big deal with HGH? Well, scientists affectionately call it “The Fountain of Youth Hormone” and the “Puberty Hormone.”

HGH is produced in abundance during our late teens and early twenties and it’s what keeps us looking so fit and young during those years.

It was thought that HGH diminishes from age 20 on and really decreases after age 30.

But all the newest research shows that you can change that with short explosive training. Check out this article: Why Short Burst Training Is Your Best Fat Burning Workout

This method has been completely overlooked until now. I discovered it many years ago but didn’t have the science to prove it. It’s a secret way of training that only certain athletes know.

And now you know.

The faster you make these changes the faster you’ll start your transformation.

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